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Right time, right place, right message.

Whether you're technical or not, it's easy to manage beacon content delivery directly from our web based editor. Connect to customers with location based promotions, offers, and product updates inside your app. Let your creativity run wild.

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Have any iBeacon ideas? Use this app to showcase them to your clients or team. "Wow" them with live alerts, analytics, and custom branding, all ready for immediate use after download.


All beacons supported

We believe that software is what makes beacons shine. We've decided to support every beacon so mix and match what you have already.

Not sure which beacons to buy?

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  • Estimote
  • Kontakt
  • Swirl
  • Bluecat
  • EasiBeacon
  • Passkit
  • TwoCanoes
  • Radius Networks
  • Red Bear
  • Gimbal
  • Or any other...

Integrate our SDK

With a few simple lines of code, you're good to go. Let us worry about all the back-end stuff while you create the best beacon experience for your customers!

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These brands are in, what are you waiting for?

The world's biggest brands are implementing beacons into their apps. Read case studies by clicking on the logo's below.

Get educated

In the great words of Doctor Seuss, "The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go." Learn all about the world of beacons and proximity marketing in our webinars, white-papers & blogs.

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